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Frequently Asked Questions

Drayage is the transport of your containerized goods by truck either to or from an ocean port to a rail ramp, warehouse, or other location. We coordinate trucks to pick up and return 20ft, 40ft, and 45ft containers from ocean terminals and railways for importing and exporting your goods.
Each berth where a vessel is docked can have a multitude of characteristics that influences the loading or unloading time. This can range from the type of crane(s) used, berth depth, terminal configuration, etc. We know them all. This helps us determine the best and most efficient way to retrieve or deliver your cargo. This helps you save time and money.
Absolutely. Cold and frozen foods or other goods that need refrigeration are our specialty. If we are delivering an empty refrigerated (reefer) container to you, we make sure it is clean and odorless. Dirty or ones that smell are sure to cause problems. If there is an issue with one that is already loaded, we can help troubleshoot and let you know what needs to be done. Our quick actions will help keep you from losing your money and your perishable goods.

We can arrange short term warehousing to fit your needs. This can include plugs for your reefers, and the ability to transload, or cross-dock, your cargo. Our drivers do not perform any loading or unloading, but we can organize these services for you. Contact us so we can discuss your specific cargo requirements.

We will need to know pickup and delivery locations, size and weight of the container. For import, a SSL (Steamship Line) “Master Bill of Lading” documentation and a work order is required. For export, Export Booking from the SSL and a Work order. Contact us  so we can discuss the details of your freight needs.

The great news is, you don’t need to. As our customer, we do all of that for you. We just need to know which shipping line and vessel you are booked with and we do the rest. We also make sure to keep you up to date with the latest information so you know what is happening with your freight.
Yes. We focus on shipping containers and full truckloads (FTL versus LTL—less than truckload) because by specializing, we can provide excellent quality service while passing the cost-savings to you.

Heavy haul refers to overweight trucking shipments that exceed standard legal limits for transporting freight. We provide chassis and super chassis that are specially designed to carry oversize and overweight containers. The container size and weight will determine what chassis is needed. Let us know what you need transported and we can help you get it there.

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