How National Drayage Services Could Boost Your Transportation and Logistics Needs

What are Drayage Services?

If you’re a Transportation and Logistics company in need of optimizing your supply chain for the drayage, you may want to consider outsourcing Drayage Services.

National Drayage Services are used for the transportation of freight for short distances. This type of intermodal transportation usually involves the distribution of goods from warehouses to consumer marketplaces in metropolitan areas.

As being the most significant intermodal freight transportation in the supply chain, Drayage Services help deliver products directly to the consumers. As a Transportation and Logistics company, you need to prioritize drayage services as a part of your operational plan.

Types of Intermodal Drayage

There are in total five different types of intermodal drayage services in the supply chain infrastructure.

  • Door-to-door drayage
  • Expedited Drayage
  • Shuttle Drayage
  • Inter-carrier Drayage
  • Intra-carrier Drayage

Why Do Logistics Businesses Need National Drayage Services?

Intermodal drayage services have become quite significant in the supply chain businesses. According to a report carried out by the Association of American Railroads, the intermodal rail volume increased to a record-breaking figure of 13.5 million containers and trailers in 2014.

But why Manufacturers and Transportation and Logistics are more invested in national transload and intermodal rail and truck loading services?

Benefits of Intermodal Drayage

National drayage services help provide increased reliability by eliminating the factor of depending on a single mode of transportation.

Many 3PL providers offer National Transload and drayage services to logistics companies.

Drayage services also help save time and money. Transportation and Logistics companies can decrease their carbon footprint by hiring intermodal drayage services. Intermodal transportation involves sea, rail, and road transportation modes to offer comprehensive and reliable supply chain solutions. They help manufacturers to provide their consumers with timely and cost-efficient delivery of goods.

3PL providers help offer safe and reliable intermodal and drayage services that reach different destinations in time. They have a vast network of carriers and trucking companies that help offer national transload services at competitive prices.

Outsourcing intermodal drayage services helps reach the consumer more quickly. Manufacturers do not have to worry about investing in timely and expensive processes to transport consumer goods.

Intermodal drayage services also help optimize the supply chain infrastructure to offer higher profitability and scalable growth. Logistics companies can greatly benefit from the timely transportation of a wide variety of consumer goods.

It is better to hire national drayage services from 3PL providers to avoid costly transportation costs and unfavorable circumstances. Driver shortages are lethal for a logistics company and only a 3PL provider can meet all your intermodal drayage needs.

Why Logistics Companies Should Hire National Drayage Services?

Due to the increase in e-commerce and gas prices, transportation and logistics companies are seeking reliable ways to keep the supply chain rolling smoothly all the time.

Logistics companies have to face the consequences of driver shortages and changed safety laws and regulations. And that’s why they can’t solely rely on one mode of transportation.

With the fast-paced development of rail lines and intermodal terminals. It’s even more important to resort to sustainable and cost-effective logistics solutions. Cargo needs to be transported smoothly and in an expedited manner.

The entire rail and supply-chain infrastructure are evolving with time. And trains are gaining popularity in intermodal transportation. Trains can cover large distances much more quickly than trucks in a more cost-effective manner. But trucks can offer greater efficiency for deliveries involving shorter distances.

Many 3PL providers offer intermodal drayage services that effortlessly and efficiently move cargo from various ports and ramps to several marketplaces and distributors.

All types of consumer and industrial goods can be easily transported through intermodal drayage services. Logistics companies can hire national drayage services to increase the cost savings and reliability in their supply chain infrastructure.


Intermodal drayage services are a highly crucial part of supply chain logistics. The national drayage services help offer timely distribution of goods straight from ports to relevant vendors and distributors.

Outsourcing Intermodal drayage services help optimize your supply chain by meeting all your unique drayage transportation needs. 3PL providers help connect logistics companies with trucking networks and carriers to offer timely and cost-effective cargo transportation services.