Information Technology

Our IT Makes us Better, Faster, Smarter

Being the largest transportation company in the United States, we are certain about meeting your freight transportation needs. With innovative technology, transportation management solution has become very popular. It aims to increase transportation reliability and reduces its cost. Transportation management allows companies in handling their supply chain complexities and managing their local and international transportation with integrated information technology. At ATL, we have the latest computerized transportation systems where bids are made, contracts are offered, execution is monitored, and changes are made based on the detailed analysis of transportation data. Shippers, suppliers, and logistics service providers can all collaborate through these latest IT systems.

Beside this, our fleet has over hundreds of trailers that are all clean, reliable, and compliant. Each unit is fully equipped with the latest technology for the freight’s protection, communication, and safety. Allied Transport Logistics is a leader in advanced logistics technology. We utilize the most advanced systems within the industry i.e. bar-code tracking, carrier’s traceability, and cloud-based services, etc. Also, we use closely integrated document imaging services, and EDI based interfaces with customers and 3rd party web portals. We have the certifications that ensure the safety and security of your freight during transportation.

Allied Transport Logistics provides its customers with MC2 – It is a mobile application that is specifically made for the drivers. This web-based application is compatible with smartphones and tablets, enabling a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategy. Provides transmittal workflow fused with GPS tracking, electronic POD’s, TMS, document capture, landmark and breadcrumb reporting. Helps in improving internal efficiency, and provides accurate and on-time data to your customers, and enables improved cash flow through electronic POD’s and invoicing.

Availability Manager is a service that empowers Allied Transport Logistics’ TMS (or 3rd party trucking frameworks) to interface with different wharf and rail sites for tracking and tracing containers. When freight orders are entered into ATL, the process of tracking and tracing automatically starts, decreasing the work escalated procedure of overseeing notifications, ETA’s, accessibility and last free day checking with multiple sites.

This service is specifically designed to eliminate the need for searching different websites for ocean and rail container availability. Container Tracking & Tracing can operate as an add-on module to your existing Profit Tools for trucking system, or on a stand-alone basis. The flexibility of this service allows the integration of your existing in-house or commercial application.

EDI provides a system-to-system electronic network between trading consorts. Allied Transport Logistics has more than 150 EDI trading consorts that include: sea bearers, IMC’s, forwarders, NVOCC’s, and shippers. Different transaction sets are accessible including the most widely recognized 204 (load tender/order), 214 (status update) and 210 (receipt). Most of the clients today request that their sites should be refreshed on regular basis, ATL’s EDI Module will enable you to send information to your clients without posting information manually on their sites, saving your time and money.

An event Management system is the executive framework to oversee different events of the association and keeps the exact records just as the historical backdrop of past events. This is a programmed method for producing various reports that spare a ton of time and endeavors. It basically gives a facility to unify the information for the entire management and approved clients. The regulatory board of Event management framework enables the management to make and refresh the events.

ATL’s Event Management Module gives exhaustive email alarming abilities automatically activated by status changes on a dispatch. This module additionally gives computerized reporting, where reports can be set-up to automatically be emailed to interior staff/executives or legitimately to your clients, shippers, or recipients. Custom questions can likewise be downloaded to Excel and consequently messaged to clients with this module.

Weblink gives your clients web access to their information. Clients can sign in to weblink easily. With this secure signup and password, you can shipment status, last free day at the dock/rail, keep last free day on discharges, view chronicled information on shipments, and view scanned documents. Clients can get access to data continuously without tedious phone calls to your customer service office.

What is Document Imaging? Document imaging provides a system to electronically sorting out your computerized and paper documents. There are two choices with document management.

  1. Self-facilitated frameworks
  2. Cloud-facilitated services

A self-facilitated imaging framework permits you to command over the whole authoritative procedure, from checking and ordering to capacity and recovery, while a cloud-facilitated service deals with your documents through cloud-based capacity and furnishes workers with online accessibility. The two alternatives give a recording framework that is secure, simple to utilize, and simple to access and search.

The document imaging module gives a complete workflow solution for your documentation necessities. Allied Transport Logistics ties the document work flow into the order completion process, where solicitations and driver settlements are empowered once proper archives are checked in the system. Functionality incorporates simple image retrieval from a client’s PC, interpretation printing of images with solicitations, email invoicing, and on-line archive recovery by means of a Web link.

The Allied Transport Logistics Carrier Portal is an online service that works as an expansion of the base undertaking framework, ATL-TMS. Through a protected sign-on, bearers can view request subtleties, download request information and update request status and reference information.

This web-based interface is intended to enable network with 3rd party trucking organizations. Utilized for facilitated loads, the Carrier Portal is a web-based interface where your 3rd party truckers can get to their task and update key activity statuses and information, which updates Allied Transport Logistics TMS in real-time

Carrier EDI enables an EDI network with 3rd party bearers/truckers. EDI 204 freight tenders are sent from Allied Transport Logistics legitimately to your 3rd party truckers’ framework. EDI 214 status updates are received back into Allied Transport Logistics TMS. Bearer EDI can be utilized for full truck brokerage tasks or in the event that you simply merchant out some of your business to 3rd parties.