About Us

About Us

Allied Transport Logistics has formed strategic alliances with carriers throughout the United States. Over the years, we have been handling ‘volume and transactional’ accounts with great customer satisfaction! We understand supply chain needs, and how critical it can be in order to service you and your customers needs.

With several years of experience and market knowledge, we specialize in refrigerated loads, general commodities, light and heavy, servicing ports and rail across the U.S. Allied Transport Logistics has an in-depth knowledge of Port and Intermodal Operations. This helps us to maintain a long-standing relationship with the Steamship lines.

Allied Transport Logistics is located in Seattle WA. We believes in honesty and integrity. Understanding your needs and making sure your Intermodal shipment is unloaded and returned to the terminals in timely fashion is our priority. Our services are designed to save you time and money.

At Allied Transport Logistics Our People make the difference! Asking the right questions help us to make you experience more seamless. With urgency to deliver on time!

At Allied Transport Logistics, we care about your shipments.

Thank you for choosing Allied Transport Logistics as your transport provider.

There are a lot of companies that will risk drivers and carriers on time. We do not push our drivers or carriers as this can put your loads at risk. At Allied Transport Logistics, we care about your order, and like to treat people with respect. Therefore, we keep an eye on our drivers and ask the correct questions to our carriers to make sure thing are safe and on time.

Allied Transport Logistics has deep roots of responsibility to Carriers and Drivers and Customers a like keeping up communication and being ahead of the ball gives us peace of mind.

At Allied Transport Logistics Our People Make the difference! Asking the right questions help us to make you experience more seamless. With urgency to deliver on time!

THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING Allied Transport Logistics!


Over the course of many years now, Allied Transport Logistics had transported many of our shipments. Without question or equivocation, their service has been outstanding. They have a very professional team, all their drivers have been very cooperative throughout the transportation process i.e. from pick-up to delivery. It is always very easy to get in touch with them and they have always remained very supportive. As far as we talk about the office staff, whoever picks up your call deals you with care. You will never hear things like ‘we are busy’ from them. From the Operations Manager to the expeditors, to the customer support, and dispatchers, they are all easy to work with. It is truly a pleasure to work with Allied Transport Logistics.

We are using Allied Transport Logistics from the start and they are continuously providing us with the outstanding transportation service. We can always recommend them based on their fair rates, clear communication, and timely shipment deliveries. Using ATL as a daily carrier is an absolute no-brainer, we hope to maintain this relationship in the future too as they are simply – the best.

Everyone at Allied Transport Logistics is doing a great job. They have an amazing transportation team. They transported our freight recently and they were best at their service.  It was an absolutely amazing experience to work with them and their service is undoubtedly the BEST we have had in a long time. If everyone in the transportation industry starts working like them, it would make life easier for everyone else! Whenever I hire them to transport my freight, I never have to worry about anything because they are secure, reliable, and delivers the freight on time. I would definitely recommend ATL and their team to everyone who needs to have their freight transported.